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Lauren and David at The Walters Museum of Art

September 2, 2009

Lauren dressing at her parent’s house. All the comforts of home and very nice light too! Genuinely the nicest of people , Lauren and David allowed us the opportunity to create images for them that were timeless.


Lauren, contemplative. This day was long in the planning. Beauty and joy are the order of the day.


Mt. Vernon. The bridal party at ease on a gorgeous June day.

bridal party mount vernon baltimore

Transition to ‘museum-quality’ black and white images – no problemo. We teach our photographers how to capture images in the super rich Camera Raw mode as opposed to a  jpeg files. Jpegs are compressed files that cast off visual information which is critical for color fidelity and texture in printing.

bridal party mount vernon baltimore

Early evening light reflected back onto Lauren and David by our assistant.

bride and groom mount vernon baltimore

A moment.

bride and groom mount vernon baltimore

The bride and her father coming down the aisle at that most wonderful of venues, The Walters Art Museum.

ceremony walters wedding baltimore

ceremony walters wedding baltimore

ceremony walters wedding baltimore

The color scheme (pink) for the tables and linens, contrasted nicely with the neo-classical setting of the Walters. Our good friend, Talyia, represented Linwoods, who catered this wedding.

reception walters wedding

cake reception walters wedding

Dancing after dinner. The party was a celebration of two hearts becoming one.

bride and groom dancing reception walters wedding

walters wedding


A Fine Art Wedding at The Walters Art Museum

March 19, 2008

This being our very first blog posting, I thought I’d start off with a bang!

Betty and Jarrett were married at The Walters Museum of Art followed by dancing at The Harbor Court Hotel. It was glorious!

We consider Betty ‘family’ having worked with her many times, in her capacity as second – in command to Elizabeth Bailey, the top wedding planner in the mid -Atlantic. Needless to say, with Betty having worked with many of the very best wedding photojournalists in the region, we were honored and flattered that she chose us to create images for her. Elizabeth Bailey was an honored guest at the wedding. Christina Hagen and Kate Bittrick, Elizabeth’s associates, made sure that every detail was attended to.

Betty and her entourage dressed at The Intercontinental Harbor Court Hotel. The energy and joy was palpable and set the mood for the entire evening that followed.

Betty chose all of the best vendors for this once in a lifetime wedding, most of whom have long ago become our good friends. Betty and her bridesmaid’s make-up, by Amanda Dureza was flawless, as were the hairstyles by Ashley Riddle .

Of course, a more magical setting then The Walters Museum of Art for the wedding ceremony and seated dinner that followed would be hard to imagine. Some of the images we were able to create were only made possible by Robert Zimmerman, the liaison from The Walters, who personally gave us access to an otherwise restricted gallery and from which we were then able to shoot the ceremony and dinner from above. Bob’s generosity and graciousness were indicative of the kind of person he is, willing to go to that extra length in order to have the very best for the bride. Bob, we thank you.

Imagine the collective intake of breath when the guests descended from the cocktail area to see this setting! Our bride chose her venue well, having a degree in art history that no doubt informed her aesthetic sensibilities. Gene and Leslie Perkins of Perkins Productions, whom we’ve worked with many times, enhanced the mood and atmosphere with subtle and romantic lighting as well as creating a projection of Betty’ and Jarret’s monogram. What can we say about the flowers? Wow! Time and again, when we see the arrangements and color pallette that Victoria Clausen, owner of Romance of Flowers, has designed for our brides, we are simply stunned.

Dinner was provided by Linwoods, with Linda Brown in attendance making sure that the guests received the incredible service and gourmet fare for which Linwoods is justifiably renowned .

After dinner, it was back to The Harbor Court Hotel for dancing until the wee hours. Betty and Jarrett provided a photo booth for everyone to have their pictures taken, along with an espresso bar and ice cream bar, which made the dance party even more fun, if possible, for all.

This was a great wedding, by any standard. My long time second wedding photojournalist, Philip J. Weber, and I left after midnight, with the party still going strong, knowing that Betty, Jarrett, their families and loved ones had received our absolute best efforts and passion in creating images that captured all of the beauty, joy and emotion at this wedding.

I love my job.