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A Stunning Wedding at Beth Tfiloh

April 1, 2009

Heather and Dan , both very stylish individuals and accomplished professionals, celebrated their wedding and  reception at Beth Tfiloh. Beth Tfiloh is a unique venue and is architecturally significant, providing fantastic settings for our creating images of the ceremony , ‘formal’s’ and reception.
Heather’s  make up was by Gregory Dean and her hair was done by Ashley Riddle. Both of these two talented artists enhanced Heather’s natural beauty.

Bride and GroomI think this image of a father’s love for his daughter needs no further explanation.

Bride and Father Getting ReadyA private moment, which we were privy to, when Dan saw his beloved for the first time on their wedding day. These moments are powerful, true and real.

Groom Waiting For The Bride

A stunning contrast with the bridesmaids in black, Heather in ivory and  flowers, perfectly complimentary. This image was created by one of our supremely talented second photographers from an oblique, a-traditional perspective. -Keeps things visual intriguing.

The floral designs and execution are by Carol Langrall, owner of A Garden of Earthly Delights.

Bride and Bridesmaids

Mother Lifting The Brides Veil

Putting On The Ring

Understated elegance was apparent at the reception. Subdued lighting, delightful color schemes in the linen selections, were realized by the efforts of Heather and the top vendors she chose. They included Accents on Events, Table Toppers, and Select Event Rentals.

The owner of Catering by Weiss, Alan Weiss is a rather remarkable guy, not only providing delectable kosher fare for the guests  but also serving as Heather’s wedding coordinator. Alan is equally skilled in both aspects, and his deep knowledge of event planning  made the evening  truly memorable.

The Ballroom at Beth Tfiloh

The music was by The Source and they are HOT! Heather’s training in ballet and her new husbands very smooth moves captured everyone’s attention as they watched Heather and Dan share their first dance in perfect synchronicity.

Bride and Groom Dancing

Bride and Groom Dancing

Bride and Her Father Dancing

Bride and Groom At The Reception

A completely magical and enchanting wedding. We were in ‘flow’ and present to capture every moment as this very special wedding unfolded before us.

Bride and Groom Kissing


Colonia, Uruguay and Ancient cars

February 28, 2009

It took us only an hour on the high speed ferry to travel across the Rio De La Plata river from Buenos Aires to the historic, UNESCO protected town of Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay. Like so many fortuitous and unexpected discoveries that happen when traveling, I immediately noticed that there were ancient autos-everywhere. Many were derelict, some running and maintained by loving hands, but all had the patina of weathered metal,wood, chrome and the phosphorescent beauty of of decay-  as did some of the owners.


flower-car-wide-colonia-ur1Colonia’s Sycamore trees, revered by the residents, line the quiet streets in the old section of the city.









Classical Guitarist – James Lowe

February 4, 2009

We met James Lowe at The Peabody Library where he was moonlighting as staff for a wedding there. James is a graduate of The Peabody Institute and has a Masters degree in Guitar Performance. This incredibly talented and ambitious musician is also picking up another Masters in Performance from Peabody and will next attend Cleveland Institute of Music in pursuit of his doctorate. James has his own ‘new’ music ensemble, “The Ligeti Split Ensemble” (Ligeti was a Romanian composer) and is also doing solo performances at venues in our area. To enhance his web site, James realized that he needed professional images of himself and asked us to create them. He came by our studios on a Monday with his very recently acquired guitar , custom made in Bueno Aires by the lutier, Ricardo Louzao. The instrument was gorgeous and made from indigenous Rio Rosewood, but the music James played while being photographed made the session truly memorable. It was a gift.






A Winter Wedding At The Peabody Library

February 2, 2009

It was a clear, sunny, if a mite on the chilly side, day in December when Katie and Tim became husband and wife. The bride who would have been gorgeous wearing burlap, made a stunning dress choice from Betsy Robinson.

We seem to have the market cornered as of late with clients who are prosecuting attorneys, which is what Katie does when she is not being bride beautiful.


I’m always looking for the new perspective, the creative edge, something different when creating images. As does my 2nd shooter. This is what keeps wedding photography  fresh and vibrant and exciting for us and what our clients expect. It is a silent dance we engage in with our subjects, one that allows their beauty and soulfulness to be revealed.


Note the detail in the bride’s bouquet by Betty’s Gardens.


Katie was absolutely going to have images created outside and despite temps in the low 30’s, we did them with speed and energy and with the essential ingredient, joy.




The bridesmaids all had matching blankets to ward off the cold.  At the very last possible moment we said “Blankets Off” and were rewarded by the image below. The composition in this image was done simply and quickly. The emphasis, as in all of our work, is to retain spontaneity and ‘the moment’.




Chef’s Expressions, the vendor of choice at the magnificent Peabody Library, provided a sumptuous feast as well as the wedding cake. Our good friend at Chef’s, Bonny Opper, honored Katie’s request for a very special coconut cake and went the extra mile,  as she always does, to make another dream come true.



Moments, that are true and real. Tim and Katie, cut loose.




Cortney and Shannon – A Lovely Wedding at the American Visionary Art Museum

December 1, 2008

Cortney and Shannon were married on October 4, 2008.


We had photographed the wedding of Cortney’s sister, Lindsay, last New Years Eve. Up until this most recent wedding, that New Years wedding was considered by many to be ‘THE” event of the year. Courtney and Lindsay’s parents, as well as both sisters were so delighted with our performance and images that they told us we would be the photographers for Cortney’s event as well. Though enormously flattered to be ‘carte blanched’ this event, it is not unusual that this occurs. The bridal party, families and guests realize what an enjoyable, upbeat and vastly different kind of experience it is to have had us create images. We get many of our referrals from bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests who’ve seen us work and the images that we produce.


The flowers below are yet another example of Jeanie’s (owner of Blue Sage Floral Design) sense of play and creativity.


Here is our bride with mother and bridesmaids smoothing lace in preparation of our ‘shoot’.


Cortney, who is Chief Resident at one of our major medical institutions, was not Dr. Cortney on her wedding day, but Bride- Beautiful Cortney


Corpus Christi is, as always, a supremely lovely place for a wedding ceremony.




Absolutely unique choices in lighting, decor, table settings, and floral arrangements set Cortney’s wedding reception apart from the usual. Elizabeth Bailey Weddings were the wedding planners, Perkin’s Productions created the lighting and graphics, Table Toppers provided the linens and The Pleasure of Your Company created the invitations, table place cards and menus.

The American Visionary Arts Museum (aka: AVAM) is like no other place for a wedding reception.


The Brass Elephant, with Brian Boston himself representing them, provided beautifully prepared, artfully presented, gourmet fare that everyone in attendance marveled about. Style does matter.




Sound Connection had everyone on their feet and dancing until the very end.


Sugar Bakers designed a classic and elegant cake that was simply scrumptious ( I may possibly  have had a piece).


This wedding was incredible!




A Wedding at The Belvedere and Fells Point

November 21, 2008

Katie had her heart set on having us create images for her in Fells Point, where Jake, her fiance, had proposed to her.

And so it was.

After an emotional and poignant ‘getting ready’ session and after her groom saw her for the first time in full bridal splendor at The Renaissance Harborplace Hotel, Katie, Jake and their retinue headed for the Fells Point.


Blue skies, the mild temperature and of course, a stunningly beautiful bride, handsome groom and exceptional bridal party provided us ingredients for a remarkable photo session. In keeping with our reputation for creativity and originality we gave everyone there our only mandate, “Be yourselves and have fun!”.  Katie, Jake and company gave us these images- we just didn’t get in the way of their doing so.







The wedding ceremony was at Corpus Christi Church, probably one of the best churches in the area for photography, given it’s layout and splendid architecture.

Elizabeth Bailey, wedding consultant extraordinaire and head-honcho at Elizabeth Bailey Weddings, made sure that all went according to plan. It is always a great wedding whenever Beth is involved.





Katie and Jake’s  reception was at the crown jewel of Baltimore venues, The Grand Ballroom at The Belvedere where our good friends Truffles at The Belvedere provided an amazing repast with style and their usual savior fare.


One of the reasons that the following images look great isn’t  because we know how to capture ‘scene setter’ images better than anyone else but because Katie and Elizabeth Bailey assembled the very best vendors available to strike just the right mood through lighting, table covers, floral arrangements and other details. These vendors are truly passionate about what they do, they care about the client and their service proceeds profit. We work with them constantly. Let us sing the praises of Blue Sage Floral Design, Table Toppers, Party Rental and Event Dynamics, the alpha and the omega of specialized services.




An intensely romantic, elegant and beautiful evening for everyone attending this wedding and reception. We were honored to be the ones privileged to create a ‘day in the life’ coverage for Katie and Jake with our unique style of wedding photojournalism and classic portraiture.





Some Reasons Why Our Brides Think We’re the BEST

October 6, 2008

I asked some of our recent brides why they chose us.

Here are three responses we’ve just received. I’ve removed the names of the other photographers, so as not to have any hurt feelings.

Hi Arthur!

Of course we’d be happy to tell you about how it came to be that we picked you!

To start the top 5 things that were important to us were:

1.  Personality and rapport with the photographer

2.  Quality of photos–capturing the beauty of the day, creativity, lighting, style

3.  Competitive pricing-

4.  Flexibility to shoot at my parents house, Church and Fed Hill

5.  Reputable in the business

I found your ad in a Baltimore bride mag.  Your ad kind of “spoke” to me b/c it was a photojournalistic type of shot and it had the sophisticated elegance that I personally was looking for in a wedding photo.  @#$% Weddings #$%^ @#$% was the other photographer which had a fantastic ad that had the same appeal to me.  We called around to a few photographers that were mentioned on The Knot website but in all they did not have as much experience in the biz as the two of you did.  I was not comfortable with the fact that they did not have a studio and would have to meet me in a Starbucks.  We wanted to someone who had built a reputable business and had their own space to share with patrons.

We visited with just you and X#$–we met you first.  Both of you have very different personalities-one more reserved with a quiet demeanor and the other in one word -jubilant!  I think we know which one you are )  Meeting with you face to face at the studio “sold” us.  No one could compare b/c we knew that your personality would be the key to capturing the best pictures.

We met @#$ at his home, which was okay, but he had 2 cats that wanted to join us at the dining table…Jay is allergic and we couldn’t imagine going back to meet with him if we wanted to.

From a package perspective you were more competitive b/c you provided us with a lower parents album price, along with the high res DVD of our photos that we believe was a reasonable price.  There was a few hundred dollars between you both.  To be honest if you were a few hundred dollars extra we were okay with that b/c we had cut corners in other areas of our budget.

I hope this (long winded) response helps you.  In all Arthur, it was the studio, style of photo, flexibility with shaping a package that works for us and your personality that sold us.

Talk to you soon!



From the initial stages of our wedding planning, Greg and I knew we had to invest time and effort into finding a good photographer- preferably someone who knew Baltimore well, who produced impeccable work, and who was professional (and enthusiastic) the day of and the days before our big day.  But a good photographer is hard to find, especially against other significant wedding costs.  Friends who were also planning a Baltimore wedding highly recommended turning to you for support and guidance.  Without question, it was one of the best decisions we made.

After meeting you and your staff and seeing samples of your work, Greg and I felt like we had hit the jackpot.  (Literally, we got in the car after that first meeting and I turned to Greg and said, “I’m sold!”)  The caliber of your portfolio outshone that of other photographers in the area we viewed.  I also respect and admire the fact that you stick to doing weddings only, instead of extending yourself in other arenas.  This fact alone made me feel like you really cared about the bride and groom, and the whole wedding experience.  You are (hands down) the BEST there is.

I know this for many reasons, the most important being the fact that my wedding photographs turned out impeccable under your care- and this is important because it rained heavily on my wedding day.  There was no room to take outdoor photos at my parents house, but you were able to capture the moments I had inside so eloquently and in such a beautiful manner- that I can’t imagine having anything but!  You also carefully pulled Greg and I outdoors when the weather turned in our favor, and were able to take exceptional outdoor photos at the Evergreen.

The reasons why you ARE the best:

1. Reasonably priced- worth every penny.  People kept saying booking a good photographer is key, and of course I agree with them.

2. Made all guests (family/friends/wedding party) feel at ease.

3. Despite rain, you were able to find the best areas at my parents house, the church, and the Evergreen (with sunlight and without).

4. Your “formal” photos were quick and efficient; and while they are important shots, you were able to get us out the door in half an hour.  Most weddings I’ve attended include the bride, groom, and wedding party missing their own time to shine because of hour(s) long (unnecessary) photographs.  Thank you for not letting this happen!!

I have name-dropped you to ALL of my friends (yes, ALL friends- even the single ones)- and now you’re on their list!

WE LOVE YOU and are forever grateful.  Thank you for all you did and have done- we really appreciate it.

Love, Jen & Greg

Hi Arthur,

First of all, I just really liked your personality (energetic, professional, but also relaxed) and your approach to your work (you really seemed to love what you do, and I liked that), and I liked your work and the fact that your were sort of a known entity since Leigh Anne had worked with you already.  You were definitely on the higher end price-wise of photographers that I was looking at, but I decided that I liked you enough that I was willing to pay for it.  And I also figured that pictures were what I was going to have once the wedding day was over, so it was important to me that I could trust that I would have good ones.

Here were my experiences with other photographers I was considering:

$%^$% Pictures: convenient because they are a national company, so I was able to meet with a rep up in Boston and not have to cram in a meeting on a trip to Baltimore.  But, you explain to the rep what kind of photographer you’re looking for and then you get matched with one, and although you get to see the photographer’s work and can reject the person if you don’t like their work, you don’t get to meet the person until the day of your wedding … I didn’t want to take that chance (although they would have been cheaper – at most ~$3000)

#$%^s Photography: I really liked his work, although Joe @#$% seemed a little more subdued than you … I liked how much energy you had; prices were slightly cheaper but about comparable I think

#$%^ Photography: I liked their work a lot, but like with @#$% I wouldn’t get to meet the photographer until the day of my wedding, which I didn’t like; they had some slightly more weird shots than the ones you showed me – e.g. with weird angles and with the people doing weird things, which I didn’t love; they were as expensive as you or more so (depending on which photographer I would chose)

Someone else (can’t remember who) who cost less (~2500), but I could really tell the difference in the quality of their work compared to yours – their shots seemed much more posed and lifeless, and not as crisp … visiting them made me more confident that it was worth spending money on good photography

@#$% – she was more loosy-goosy about things (didn’t seem to care if I liked her work or not, etc.), and liked to convert photos into paintings, which isn’t really what I’m into … she didn’t seem to have the attitude I was looking for in a photographer; though she was less expensive

I hope that was helpful to you!  Hope you don’t mind that I was brutally honest 🙂

I hear Miles is using you for her wedding — very exciting.  All the best,