A Fashionable Wedding at Chase Court & The Brass Elephant

July 13, 2009

Danielle and Donny were married at Chase Court on 5/29/09 with the reception following at The Brass Elephant.

This wedding was a bit different in several ways. It was on a Friday, (not that unusual) and it was a smaller event in that there were only forty guests in attendance. I covered the event myself without assistance.

Danielle is drop-dead gorgeous and the camera loves her – as evidenced  by the images I brought back.

These images of Danielle getting ready and her portraits were created in the “Bride’s Room” which David, the proprietor of Chase Court, has imbued with his great taste and stunning color scheme for a perfect ‘set’ to work in.





The stone/wood work, architecture, landscaped pathways and patina of age at Chase Court, a former rectory of a grand old Baltimore church, also gave me a great background to highlight Danielle’s beauty.



The ceremony started off outside but quickly moved inside as the rain began to come down. We didn’t miss a beat and everyone treated the scene change with great humor and a fun departure from the typical.



The happy couple were photographed indoors. Not a problem.



The Brass Elephant, whose reputation for great food and service is unsurpassed, was the location for the small and intimate gathering that followed the wedding. Everyone was seated at a long , single table which enhanced the sense of family and closeness.


I like this image because it is very photojournalistic, completely spontaneous, and just ‘happened’. Of course I went outside intuitively thinking that a great shot just might present itself. It did.




  1. Arthur,

    Donnie and I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful pictures you took at our wedding! We have received so many compliments on them and everyone who attended the wedding thought you were so fun to work with. The photography was one of the most important aspects of our wedding and the images you provided us will help us remember that day for the rest of our lives. You truly have a great gift and we would recommend your talents to any other prospective bride/groom out there! Thanks again!


  2. I, also, would like to thank you for the outstanding job that you did in taking those pics..just stunning..thank you Arthur..and the best of luck to you..

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