A Wedding in Mount Vernon and at The Peabody Library

June 19, 2009

From the minute I first met Becca and Evan I just knew theirs would be an exceptional wedding. Both sets of parent’s came with them to our first meeting and the excitement and anticipation for this wedding was palpable. Becca, Evan and I also did an “Engagement Session” in Fell’s Point, well in advance of their wedding day. We had entirely too much fun.

This wedding was unique in so many ways including not only Becca’s James Clifford designed wedding gown from Betsy Robinson and Evan’s ‘bespoke’ tuxedo but also that the actual ceremony was tented outside in the square across from The Peabody Library, Baltimore’s  architectural gem.

Becca and her ladies dressed in The Presidential Suite at Peabody Court Hotel, which is a particularly gorgeous suite for those ‘getting-ready’ images our bride’s covet.


Becca’s bouquet and all of the flowers were a study in taste and understated beauty by Floral Impressions.




Hair and make-up by About Faces. Flawless.



Staging this once in a lifetime event with all the venues within a few blocks one one another in Mount Vernon allowed for a relaxed and unhurried day. No trains, planes or automobiles.

A contemplative moment for Evan who had a separate suite at The Peabody Court Hotel.




We bring a sense of ‘play’ to the occasion which allows for spontaneity and a distinct lack of contrived or overly posed images.


How many images does it take before we finally get one with everyone airborne? Answer: A hullava a lot.

Still, with our ‘state of the art’ high speed gear and years of tech savvy, it only takes a minute or so. Plenty of energy left to dance the night away.


Majesty, grandeur and that most important element, romance. Oh, and my second ‘shooter’ playing traffic cop.



Chef’s Expressions, the best of the best caterers, and one of only two allowed to work at The Peabody Library, provided the food and a surfeit of class.


Music by Santana and video by our good friend Jim Skipper at Black Tie Video.

The Peabody Library. There is no place like it.



Newlyweds and so much in love.



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  1. Wonderful pictures of the bride, the groom and the site. Can’t wait to see more. Hi to all.

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