Arthur Remanjon Photographers “The Studio”

December 26, 2008

Our studio is located on a quiet residential street in a neighborhood called Hampden, here in Baltimore. We’re only a short distance from the now hip, bustling center of this early 19 th  century former textile  manufacturing center of the city. Hampden is filled with great restaurants, boutiques and antiques stores.

Having a studio allows us to provide a vastly superior level of service to our clientele. Our bride and groom (and sometimes the entire family)  meet with us in a relaxed and congenial setting where they can see our images  and award winning albums without the inevitable intrusions of the domestic that comes with a home-based photography business. We feel that supporting a  studio speaks volumes about our level of commitment to our clients by providing a rock solid foundation for our work. It allows us to deliver everything we promised, when we promised it and with  much ‘richer’ content.

The space below, where folks can ‘chillax’, converts to a ‘set’ for us to shoot engagement portraits, family portraits, or the product images we produce for our commercial clients.


This is a more intimate setting in the studio, and has our custom manufactured and digitally designed album samples as well as a large monitor that displays examples of our most  recent work on a revolving basis. More importantly, it is where our bride and groom tell us about their dreams and ‘vision’ for their wedding day. It is where we establish  trust and a personal relationship that is absolutely essential in this work.


Laurent  Hrybyk is pictured below in our state of the art Digital Design Center. Laurent, who graduated with honors from The Maryland Institute College of Art, is responsible for managing the many thousands of images we create. Most importantly, Laurent designs completely original and absolutely unique album layouts for our clients. We are one of the only studios in the Mid Atlantic that has someone with his exceptional talent and artistic skills devoted exclusively to the design of wedding albums. Laurent’s unique designs are informed by the beauty and emotional content of the images we bring back from our weddings. Like the photographer, he is constantly searching for new and exciting visual modes to enhance and magnify the power of the imagery in its final form- the wedding album. Be sure to contact the studio so that we can send you to a special site to see examples of Laurent’s work.


We’re passionate about artistry, originality and quality. To that end we’ve  studied with Denis Reggie, the acknowledged ‘Master’ and originator of Wedding Photojournalism at his studios in Atlanta in addition to attending workshops at the Sante Fe Institute of Photography, PPA seminars in New York and Las Vegas, plus continuing education at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

We shoot in the camera “RAW” mode, not compressed files like j-pegs or tiffs. Though much more labor intensive in post production we have enormous visual information embedded in our images and can adjust and correct them to a degree not possible with  j peg or tiff files.

All images are immediately backed up to several hard drives both in our studio and off premises as well as being burned to dvds which are then stored in a fire proof safe.


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  1. Great post Arthur – good explanation of the studio and how the whole process works. And great seeing you tonight at NACE!

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