Christina and Allan: A Dream Wedding at the Grand Lodge

December 16, 2008

It was a bit on the cool side November 22, with frost on the ground as we drove up to Christina’s parents house.

The scene was bustling with pre-wedding activity. Hair stylists, make- up artists, florists, pets and six bridesmaids all conspired to create a joyful occasion. Mom and Dad’s house was large enough to accommodate the crowd and to give us the coveted ‘luxury of space’ that informs many of our best images.

Here’s Christina who is about to step into the wedding gown that she found at Gamberdella’s.  Mary Gamberdella and her staff are revered by brides and bridesmaids for their cutting-edge fashion sense and exacting attention to detail, all rendered without pretense and with good humor.

Make-up was by Studio of Make-Up. Hair Styling was by Veiled Stylists (Katie Reinert 443 857 1896).


Christina and her father are very close, as are the entire family. Here he is helping to put her shoes on. He remarked that he used to help Christina put her ice skates on when she was a little girl. It is moments like these that we feel honored to be part of and that touch our hearts.


Our clients expect not only our signature abilities in capturing fleeting moments through photojournalism but our expertise in creating the classic portrait. Even our most sophisticated bride, who expects edgier, fashion forward images that are absolutely un-posed and ‘of the moment’, also desires a gorgeous, full length image of herself in full bridal splendor. Our expertise in lighting, lens selection and an architectural photography background enable us to give her just that and much , much more.



This is very much a ‘posed’ image, created at The Grand Lodge where Christina and Allan had their wedding reception. Though we ‘tailor’ our coverage very specifically to match each of the clients unique ‘vision’ for their day, and insist on knowing everything possible about them and the choices they’ve made,  we will still create ‘the classics’. The big difference is that we  make our bride and groom feel safe and comfortable. We are ‘given’ images by them because of the bond of trust we’ve built before the wedding ever takes place.

Christina’s flowers are by Blue Sage.



The image below, is by wedding photography standards, a rule-breaker. We  break rules! This is what makes our work so exciting and inspiring. The bride and groom have images that we guarantee will only happen on their day and never again. What you see below cannot be staged and can only be captured at the exact moment it unfolds before us.


This is another example of an image that would never be accepted as a traditional, stereotypical wedding photograph, but is coveted by our clients for it’s ‘of the moment’ qualities.


The cake was a sculptural extravaganza by Sugar Bakers.  Dinner was provided by Simply Elegant.


Our bridesmaids performed a well choreographed dance number for the celebrants, complete with feather boas and lots of attitude.



Not to be undone, the best man performed a scintillating strip tease, which we thoroughly documented. Things can get interesting.


Emotion, tenderness and love are all present at these occasions and our job is to capture it for eternity.



The band, Powerhouse, is aptly named and is one of the best. It is virtually impossible to remain seated while they perform.

remanjon_081122_1802Another fantastic wedding and we’re looking forward to the next one!


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