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September 8, 2008

I thought I’d take a minute to show you what I do when it is ‘off season’. I love to travel and indulge my passion for landscape and architectural photography as well as for people who may be a bit different than you and I.

This image is from Antelope Canyon on Navaho tribal land near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Antelope Canyon is probably one of the more famous of the ‘slot’ canyons in the southwest. Amazing and hauntingly beautiful geo-forms, carved out over eons.


The Royal Tombs in Marrakech, Morroco. People seem to love this image and I’ve sold a number of large, framed prints to collectors

The magnificence of the landscape in the southwest is without equal. This is on the way to Utah from Nevada.

Traditional ‘Water Seller’ in the medina (market) of Marrakech.

Yes, it’s a live cobra and yes, I’m about four feet away from it. I had an exit strategy – just in case.

Mt. Zion National Park, Utah. Misty and difficult conditions to shoot in, however, having been challenged by more extreme circumstances on weddings, it was doable. 

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. One could wander those cobblestoned streets forever. At every turn there was a visual feast demanding of an image to be captured. 

Known as the “Tree of Life” this Live Oak in Audubon Park, New Orleans is beyond enormous. This particular image doesn’t begin to give a sense of it’s scale, but I’m wearing my favorite shirt, which is the important thing.

My wife’s ashes were scattered in a circle at the base of this tree. It was one of her favorite things to visit everytime we went New Orleans.

One of the famous tombs in New Orleans, built above ground due to the constant flooding. 

Late afternoon, outside the ‘Quarter’. It seems I’m constantly photographing old, decaying buildings. I love the romance and the phosphorescence of decay.


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  1. cool photos, interesting travels, excellent work,
    great talent…

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