Sarah and Richard

August 28, 2008

Sarah’s dress was from Juliet’s Bridal and her flowers were from one of our faves, Larkspur. You won’t find a website for Larkspur, since Carole Westerlund, owner and designer, has relied on word of mouth referrals solely based on her extraordinary talent.

Sarah and her faithful companion at Sarah’s parent’s house. We love the luxury of wide open spaces.

Sarah, a history teacher, was as beautiful as any bride we have had the pleasure of creating images for. Note that the point of focus in this image, is on her eyes, with the rest of the image receding into soft focus. A classic portraiture technique, however very few of today’s wedding photojournalists avail themselves of it. We take pride in our skills as true wedding photojournalists as well as our knowledge of classic portraiture .

The groom waited, gift in hand, to see his beloved for the first time in her bridal splendor. These are powerful, iconic moments, full of of emotion and we are so very aware and circumspect while we capture them.

Stephanie Day, from Dream Day Planners was the wedding coordinator for this event and with clipboard and checklist in hand made sure that the day went smoothly. The bride and groom, their guests and loved ones were free to simply enjoy and partake.

The reception was at The Walters Museum of Art, where as always, our liaison, Robert Zimmerman, facilitated the photography session with his usual grace and good will.

Our good friend, Sherri Levine represented Linwoods, one of the most highly regarded caterers in the Mid Atlantic. Attention to detail, impeccable service and incredible fare – as always.

The room was gorgeous! Gala Cloths provided the table tops and each table was adorned with an individual wedding cake by Patisserie Poupon. What a great idea and nice gesture by the bride and groom.


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