Kristen and Jonathon

August 28, 2008

We hadn’t been to Ceresville Mansion in far too long so we were delighted to have the opportunity to create images there for Kristen and Jonathon. The grounds, rooms and ceremony site at this majestic old mansion are one of a kind. Though the building is historically significant, the amenities and dining are very contemporary and ‘cutting edge’.

The bride’s room where Kristen and her retinue dressed was a wonderful space and only enhanced her beauty. I’ve got to say, Kristen and Jonathon’s joy and energy, as well as that of the bridal party, was a perfect compliment to ours. This was a really good fit for all concerned.

See, I told you there was some serious joy and energy here.

Weddings can be an emotional roller coaster. We’ll go from elation to tenderness in a split second – literally. It is imperative that we are totally ‘present’ for those moments. Ours is an entirely intuitive process and we never, ever force a moment, but rather, wait for things to unfold.

Of course, when we are blessed with a setting like this we’ll exploit it thoroughly, but again, we never overtly pose our subjects , finding that in being so comfortable with us, they’ll invariably give us the images we seek, spontaneously.


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