Jill and Patrick 4/26/08

August 6, 2008

Jill was, and is still a friend of mine who lived in Baltimore before moving to Northern Virginia. She and Patrick met and fell in love there.

Knowing and trusting our abilities, Jill and Patrick chose our studio to create images for them on their wedding day.

My friend never looked more beautiful and we were honored to document all of the joy Jill and Patrick shared with their friends and loved ones.

The bride and groom decided to have all of their images created before their wedding ceremony, so off we went to Sherwood Gardens.

Jill chose A Garden of Earthly Delights for the bridal party’s flower and reception centerpieces. Carole Langrall, owner and designer, created absolutely unique and original arrangements that were simply beautiful.

The groom suggested this shot. In the past, I’ve been a bit hesitant to ask our brides to lie on the ground, but Jill, being Jill, went for it.

Cocktails and the reception followed at The Belvedere, one of the grandest venues in our fair city.


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  1. Beautiful pictures…thank you, Arthur!

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